Reserved Vehicle Parking (2018)


Reserved Vehicle Parking (2018 season)



Price is for Reserved Parking at Brazos Parking for the six home games of the 2018 Baylor University football season.
  • To enhance the game day experience, ensure game day safety and preserve the beauty of the site, Brazos Parking, LLC encourages responsible use of the site and offers the following guidelines: Rules of Use.
  • The Early Renewal/Reservation Period is for existing Brazos Parking customers only and goes through March 10, 2018. Payments should be made at time of Renewal.
  • If you need additional Parking space(s), or would like to add and/or upgrade to a Tailgate Space, please note that in the order notes section below your billing details on the checkout  form.  Or send an email with that information to and we will strive to meet your needs.
  • Effective March 25, 2018, any Spaces not renewed by the March 10th deadline by existing Space Holders, will be offered to others on the Waiting List and the public. If for some reason you do need additional time beyond March 10th, please let us know before the deadline.
  • Brazos Parking reserves the right to validate and approve all reservations made during this renewal period.