Rules of Use

The reselling or unapproved transfers of any kind, of any space, without prior approval by Brazos Parking will result in an immediate forfeiture of space and future rights.

To enhance the game day experience, ensure game day safety and preserve the beauty of the site, Brazos Parking, LLC encourages responsible tailgating and offers the following guidelines.

All sidewalks, drive lanes and fire lanes must be kept clear of all equipment and vehicles. Cords, satellite dishes and other equipment must be confined to each allotted space and cannot be stretched across drive lanes.

Do not remove or move barricades, barrels or any other traffic control devices. All signs and instructions for lots must be obeyed.

Tips for Enjoying Game Day

  • Be respectful of your fellow fans who are working on game day. Parking attendants, stadium staff, concession staff and other workers provide a safe, fun-filled experience for all who attend the games.
  • If you serve alcoholic beverages, ensure that you have a sufficient number of designated drivers to accommodate your guests. Serve food and non-alcoholic beverages as well.
  • If you drink, drink responsibly and pace your drinking. Know your limit. Watch out for your friends. Drinking laws are strictly enforced.
  • Watch out for children. They are some of the most loyal fans and will carry on the School Spirit tradition.
  • Observe safe principles of operation of barbecue pits and grills and open flame cooking. Properly store flammable liquids.
  • Privately owned golf carts or unlicensed four wheelers are not permitted.
  • Pick up after yourself and your party. Properly dispose of any trash or tailgate paraphernalia.
  • Help us keep this a fun, safe and secure experience. If you see something dangerous or disruptive, say something to a Staff/Concierge team member.

Canopy Safety:

Your Guide to Canopy Safety at Brazos Parking, LLC (BP, LLC) whilst you are participating in an event as a space lease.

Most accidents involve wind-blown tents, canopies and umbrellas (all three structures hereinafter referred to as canopies) as unpredictable winds can come up at any moment, creating a safety hazard if the canopy is not properly secured.

Stakes or staking in any manner is not allowed.

We require all lessee’s to minimize the risk caused by canopies by following rules for canopy safety. Canopy weights must be attached to lessee canopies at all times. Lessee shall agree to the following policy as stated in the BP, LLC Rules & Regulations regarding canopy use.

“All canopies, including umbrellas, on-site at BP, LLC during events, including during setup and breakdown, are required to be sufficiently and safely weighted to the ground. Each leg of a 10 X 10 canopy must be anchored with no less than 24 pounds. Any guest who fails to properly weight his or her canopy may not be allowed to have an erected canopy, tent or umbrella.”

In certain inclement weather conditions, even properly secured canopies can be precarious. If canopies need to be taken down in the middle of an event due to inclement weather, lessee should direct guest to move out of the way so they are not injured.

Weights should be secured in a manner that does not create its own safety hazard

  • Weights should not cause a tripping hazard.
  • Weights should be tethered with lines that are clearly visible.
  • Weights should be securely attached.
  • Weights should be on the ground, NOT above peoples’ heads.

Sufficiently weighted canopies will have at least 24 pounds per leg. One canopy manufacturer recommends at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 10×10 tent, double that on a 10×20 tent; 50 pounds should be used for umbrellas. Weights for signs will vary depending on the size of sign.

Always be prepared. You should always have your canopy secured to the ground. It is not enough to have the tools necessary to secure your canopy on hand if you do not employ them. Strong gusts can come up without warning anywhere, at any time. After your canopy takes flight and causes damage, it is too late to decide to secure your canopy. You should assume winds will come; indeed, they often do.

Examples of good canopy weights

  • Filling an empty bucket (5 gallon works great but consumes space) with water and tying this to each corner of the tent with a rope or strap. It is NOT sufficient to place the bucket on the feet of the canopy.
  • Filling buckets/containers water that can be anchored or secured with a rope or strap; these include canvas bags or plastic buckets/containers that have a handle through which a rope or strap can be secured.
  • Sandbag weights that are specially made for securing canopies and weigh at least 24 pounds. These sandbag weights are vertical and can be strapped to the legs of the canopy.
  • The best weights are strapped to the bottom of each leg, and then tethered via a strap to the top corner of the canopy, thus lowering the center of gravity of the canopy. In a strong gust of wind, even canopies secured with enough weight can be broken if the weights are not suspended from the top corners of the canopy.

Commercial weighting systems are sold at most sporting stores (Academy, Bass Pro, Dicks, Gander Mountain and even Walmart)

Examples of Bad Canopy Weights

  • Gallon water jugs are not heavy enough for large gusts of wind. One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. One gallon of water on each corner would be the equivalent of a 3 year old child trying to hold down a 100 square foot parachute.
  • Tying tents, canopies or umbrellas to tables, or coolers provides tripping hazards and frequently does not provide adequate weight. Leasee safety is just as important as guest safety.
  • Sandbags that cannot be placed upright and securely tied to the tent or canopy should not be used.
  • Keep in mind that cement blocks are hard, easy to trip over, and are very effective toe and shin breakers.
  • At all costs, avoid stretched out cords and lines. Guest and their children will get them wrapped around their arms or legs, causing them to trip and fall, and perhaps pull over your canopy in the process

General rules for responsible tailgating

No excessively loud music or noise will be tolerated at any time. If loud music or noise becomes disturbing to others, you may be required to lower the music and/or noise level or cease it altogether. Please be courteous to others.

Political signs of any nature are prohibited at Brazos Parking. That relates to political candidates, political office holders, and political issues. We want Brazos Parking to be a place for fun, fellowship, and family – all without politics being a distraction.

The person(s) renting an RV space are responsible for the conduct of their Guests. No parking accommodations are made for guests in this area. Guests to RV Lots must purchase parking spaces for vehicles or in areas designated for public parking.

Children should be supervised at all times – please use extreme caution when driving into or leaving the parking lots.

Service dogs are allowed when wearing designated identity and are engaged in service.

Pets are allowed only in RV spaces, they must be leashed and kept within the confines of the RV space; in a portable pen, or muzzled or remain in the RV. Furthermore, animals shall not be left unattended. Clean up after your pet.

All BBQ grills, propane or otherwise, should be attended to at all times. Hot coals must be doused and properly disposed of in specially designated Coal Barrels to prevent fires. Fires built on the ground and open fire pit devices are prohibited.

Dispose of all trash in trash receptacles or pack it out. No disposal of grease, coals or hazardous materials onto the grounds or into storm drains.

No provisions for Gray water/solid waste are provided – any dumping on grounds is strictly prohibited.

Brazos Parking, LLC is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials/items/personal property occurring on the grounds.

The sale of food and/or beverages or other commercial activities (including sales solicitation or advertising) are not permitted without the express written consent of Brazos Parking, LLC.

No overnight occupancy is allowed in tailgating areas. Site must be vacated by midnight on “set-up day.” Tailgating sites open at 7 a.m. on “game day” and must be cleared and cleaned by midnight.

Brazos Parking, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time — inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privilege.

We are located adjacent a residential neighborhood with family homes and a church close by. Quite time is 11:00 pm or 2 hours after the game ends. Please be considerate of our neighbors.

Trash & Clean-Up

The placing of any waste on the ground is strictly prohibited be it grease or cigarette butts.

This site is a Green Operation, please separate recyclable aluminum cans from all other trash.

Please place aluminum can in the bins marked for cans. All other debris goes to the trash bin. No hazardous waste can be left in the bins it must be removed by the user to their home or business for proper disposal.

Dispose of all trash in trash receptacles located on site or pack it out. The disposal of grease, hot coals, or hazardous materials onto the grounds or into the storm drains is prohibited.

Failure to keep the area clean during your stay or leaving your site unclean when you leave may result in fines from the City of Waco and fees related to clean-up in addition to loss of tailgating privileges.

Tailgating Activity

  • Stakes or any item which penetrates the soil is strictly prohibited.
  • All sidewalks, drive lanes and fire lanes must be kept clear of all equipment and vehicles. Cords, generators, satellite dishes, etc. must be confined to allotted space and cannot be stretched across drive lanes.
  • Delineating perimeters (“staking ground”) for tailgate sites is prohibited at all time.
  • No parking accommodations are made for Guests. Guests must purchase a parking space for their vehicle in areas designated for vehicle parking.
  • All trailer mounted units (including tow hitches) should be able to fit within the confines of a normal parking space
  • In case of emergency, call 911.

RV Activity

Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for all. To achieve our goal, we ask for and need the help of every RV owner and their guests. The best way to ensure a great experience for all is to simply be a good neighbor.

Part of being a good neighbor means minimizing noise and disruption for others. Being a good neighbor is also recognizing and accepting the fact that you may be in a parking lot that is converted into a temporary site for special events.

Tent camping or camping in tow vehicles, pickup trucks or vehicles not designated as RVs by TXDOT is prohibited.

RV Lots are for Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) recognized recreational vehicles only. BP, LLC reserves the right to remove any vehicle that is not appropriate for the RV area. RV permits are for RVs only and may not be used for any other vehicles.

Party buses, trailers, vans, keg vans, etc., that do not meet the definition of a recreational vehicle are prohibited in RV space.

The RV must be confined to only one RV space. Tow vehicle spaces are not and will not be assigned. You must not encroach on the assigned space of another guest with your RV, tow vehicle, tents or awnings.

Security Tips

Tailgaters should be more aware of the possibility of thefts while they are attending games or otherwise away from their belongings, advise. Watch out for your neighbor and notify Police of any concerns.

No items of value should be left unattended. If the items cannot be adequately secured at the tailgating site, they should be stored inside a vehicle. Also, personal property should be marked or engraved with the owner’s driver’s license number. That would aid in the return of the property if it is lost or stolen.

Fans don’t lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do, but not everyone who visits our park is an fan, so take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your personal property. Remember, if you see any suspicious or criminal activity, report it to Police immediately.

Alcoholic Beverages

In accordance with the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Texas individuals must be at least 21 years old to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages. The use of alcoholic beverages by lessee’s and guest is at all times subject to the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Texas.

Most importantly, individuals, groups and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others.

Glass containers are not allowed, with the exception of distilled spirits used in beverages. Any broken glass must be removed by vacuuming or sod replacement at the cost of the Lessee.

We recommend all drinks be contained in cozies or team colored cups. Please be aware of impressionable young fans.

Commercial Activity

Any transactions, monetary or otherwise, and solicitations require approval of Brazos Parking, LLC. Any and all events that are defined under “solicitation” must obtain permission in advance.

Commercial activities are restricted to the Corporate and retail areas of the facility.

Grilling Guidelines

Guidelines for grilling and use of portable cookers in tailgating lots on campus are listed below.

Barbecue grills, smokers, and/or deep fryers:

  • not allowed to be attached, connected, or to be in contact in any way with a vehicle
  • must have lids or tops
  • must be located a minimum of:
    10 feet away from vehicles
    25 feet away from any flammable or combustible liquids or solids
  • The area within 10 feet of the barbecue grills, smokers, and/or deep fryers shall be cleared of all debris and grass shall be six inches minimum from the heating surface.
  • have a fire extinguisher handy

Propane Grills and Cylinders

The maximum size propane gas cylinders allowed is 20 lbs.

A maximum of one spare cylinders is allowed at any cooking location and shall be located a minimum of 10 feet from the cooking operation.

While in use and in storage, propane gas cylinders shall be in the upright position or positioned so that the pressure relief valve is in direct communication with the vapor space of the cylinder.

If tents are being used, the tent shall be UL approved and have a Fire Resistive Rating Label. Tents used for grilling shall be completely open on all sides.

Cleanup and Storage

At the conclusion of the cooking process, properly dispose of all combustible material.

To properly extinguish charcoals, pour water on the charcoals and dispose of them in a metal container with a metal top/cover. Do not put charcoals in any trash receptacle, bin, or dumpster.

Shut off valves prior to disconnecting propane cylinders from barbecue grills, smokers, and/or deep fryers.

Propane cylinders shall be removed from grills prior to storing the grill.

Grills shall be fully cooled prior to storage; then properly secure and clean up your area.


Generators are allowed on a case by case basis but must be equipped with a noise reducing device (manufacturer-approved cover or muffler). Special care and consideration should be taken when managing fuel and extension cords affiliated with generators.

Exhaust should be directed towards open areas such as tow vehicle spaces or drive lanes and always away from your immediate neighbor(s).

You should not be able to hear your generator much beyond the proximity of your designated space.